Bodum French Press Replacement Filter Screen (2pack) – Includes Metal Center Ring – Best Universal 8-Cup Stainless Steel Reusable Filter

By | February 27, 2016

The Bodum & Sterling Press French Press Replacement Filter Screen (2pack) Best Universal 8-Cup Stainless Steel Reusable Filter Accessories – Includes Metal Center Ring

These filters have been created with a specific mold design for Bodum French Press 8-cup filter customers. The filter is roughly 4″ in diameter.

Our super fine mesh screens will fit perfectly in most 8-cup coffee press machines such as Bodum, Sterling, Grosche, Fancois, Bonjour, Thermos, Frieling, KONA and many more.

These filters have are made to exact Bodum, KONA and Sterling 8-cup french press specifications from woven stainless steel, doubled over edges and sturdy twill mesh design to ensure a super fine filtration experience. Included is a metal center piece grommet for increased durability

These filters are inspected, packaged and shipped from our USA certified shipping center. Each filter is inspected individually for any potentially harmful defects.

  • COMPATIBILITY ** Each Replacement Screen is Compatible with Most 8-cup Coffee Press Designs such as Bodum, Frieling, Francois, Bonjour, Boudin, lisbon, Nissan, Grosche, Primula, Mr. Coffee, Thermos, Sterling
  • HIGHEST QUALITY GRADE ** Easy to Clean Super Fine Mesh Screen Made of Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel with a new mold process created specifically for Argent Trade filters. Having these filters ensures a much longer service life than generic mesh filters
  • HIGHER QUALITY FILTRATION ** Simply apply a second screen and instantly benefit with absolutely no grounds in your coffee guaranteed.
  • MORE OPTIONS ** Have only one French press coffee maker? Not a problem anymore! Now you can use one filter for your loose leaf tea and designate the other for your favorite brew of coffee!
  • Each Replacement Filter Measures Approximately 4 Inches in Diameter with Tightly Folded Edges. It’s recommended to replace your reusable coffee filter parts often for that fresh favorite brew

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